Arnold’s Catering Information

Thank you for considering us for your event. Here is some information about the services we provide. Price per person depends on several different factors. Please consider the following so we can better serve you: 

How many people?
What is the date and time of event?
What is the location of the event?
Do you have an idea on what food you would like to provide?

If you have a budget in mind please tell us. This will make this process much easier and faster for both of us. Please note the minimums for orders.

The following are the different catering options:

1. Pick up uncooked food during normal business hours. 

2. Catering during normal business hours. Food can be picked up or delivered (delivery has a $2,500 minimum and is limited to availability). 

3. Drop Off Catering outside of normal business hours. ( $7500 minimum ) (disposable chaffing pans, sterno, wire buffet racks, and disposable chaffing are included)

4. Have us stay at the event after setting up buffet, to replenish the items in the buffet, break down the buffet and dispose of the buffet trash. ($10,000 minimum). Disposable chaffing pans, sterno, wire buffet racks, and disposable chaffing are included.)

5. Have your event at the restaurant outside of business hours ($6,500 minimum). 

Since we are a small mom and pop restaurant, we do not provide equipment such as: dining tables, chairs, table linens, plates, silverware, etc. If you need any of these items, we refer people to local rental companies.  

We can provide you with plastic cutlery, plastic plates, plastic cups, and paper napkins for an additional cost.  

Please be aware that disposable chaffing dishes comes standard as the buffet. If you would like metal chaffing dishes, you will have to rent them. 

We are not a wait staff and therefore do NOT offer table service for events. We only provide buffet dining like we have at the restaurant.  

If having Roast Beef/Ham you can either order it pre-sliced marinating in au jus, or you can have a carving station. Carving Stations with attendant cost $75 per hour with a 3 hour minimum.

Please submit all catering request no later than 1 week prior to your event.  We take a limited number of caterings a week, so please check as early as possible to reserve the date.

Last, but not least, please ask any questions you might have. We want to make your event special!